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Sour Beer: A Lesson in Time and Patience

“Wow that is sour” followed by “I have never tasted a beer like this before” is usually the response from first time sour drinkers. This growing style is shaking up our taste buds and changing our pallets. Some craft beer drinkers may not be as familiar with this style, or just want to learn more, so here is a run-down of the basics of what you should know about sours. Sour beer was traditionally brewed in Belgium and referred to as Farmhouse Ales. Before commercial yeast was available, farmers who brewed beer for their local community spontaneously fermented beer in open

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Well folks, we have finally made it. The Flathead Lake Brewing Co. is brewing in Bigfork! The team from W. M. Sprinkman Corporation, the manufactures of our state of the art brewhouse, flew in from Wisconsin to fine tune the system and be there to troubleshoot during our first test brew day. On October 23rd, the production team set to work and started putting barley through the system. They pulled an all nighter but left elated and excited to have finally been able play on their new toys. Here is a video of an entire brew day, condensed to about

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Got “The Itch?”

Don’t worry, this time of year it isn’t uncommon to feel “The Itch”.    Although the snow persists and the wind blows on, the Vernal Equinox has arrived and even the most wintered Montanans can’t help but twitch with thoughts of  warmer weather and long summer days on the water.   “The Itch” wakes the bear from hibernation, reminds the bird to begin its long migration, and perhaps most fascinatingly adjusts the Timmy’s internal beer-compass to Belgium.   In order to alleviate your itching and twitching we brewed up our annual batch of Swimmer’s Itch Saison.  It should be ready

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