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Bigfork Brewery

116 Holt Dr., Suite B
Bigfork, MT 59911
(406) 837-0085

Greg Johnston: Owner

Sandy Johnston: Director of Branding

Rob Robinson: Director of Planning

David Brendgard: Director of Brewery Operations

Sarah Peterson: Marketing Manager

Kevin Porto: Sales Representative

Crystal Wendt: Sales Representative

Matt Dagle: Brewer

Jon Hartig: Assistant Brewer / Warehouse Manager

FLBC Pubhouse

116 Holt Dr., Suite A
Bigfork, MT 59911
(406) 837-2004

Sandy Johnston: Owner

Nicole Harker: General Manager & Events/Private Parties

Renee Elsen: Assistant Manager

Andrea Koestner: Floor Supervisor

Deanna McCann: Catering/Event Chef

Josh Johnson: Head Chef