Wow, what happened to 2013?  Well, Happy New Year!  As you can imagine the last few months have been a whirlwind here at FLBC.  Where do we start?

Timmy rang in the new year by brewing our first batch of Amber since 2011 (You’re welcome Pat Smith)!  She’s been bubbling away nicely and should be ready to serve by the end of the month.  We also have brand-spanking-new batch of Galaxy that’s kegged and ready to roll. If you’d all hurry up and drink the rest of the Holiday, we’ll go ahead and put that on tap for you. Okay? Thanks..

Speaking of “brand-spanking-new,”  FLBC’s most recent addition, David Brendgard, started work earlier this month and has held up just fine despite our rigorous initiation process.  He and Tim have started scheming up all sorts of new ideas which has everyone around here a little nervous (in a good way).  If you’ve already given up on your New Year’s resolution, try this one instead:  Get your taste buds in shape because 2014 is going to be interesting!

Oh yeah, there’s also that new building we’ve been working on.  Here are a couple pictures from our latest trip to the site:

Finishing up the last bit of roofing.  No more indoor snowstorms..

Finishing up the last bit of roofing. No more indoor snowstorms..

Tim and Robert picking out their future parking spots.

Tim and Robert discuss their future parking spots.


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