March Madness

We had a feeling March would be a crazy month for us and so far it hasn’t disappointed. After much experimenting, waiting, tasting and tweaking, the latest edition of our Sour Series has finally debuted in Woods Bay:  Some good old Montucky Sour Brown. Pucker up! The barrels have been replenished and pushed back into their special corner where they will fester for a good year or so before we see them again. Timmy also commandeered a new barrel so we can make even more of these delicious treats for you.  Isn’t that nice?


Godspeed little Brettanomyces! (Photo Credit: Kevin Porto)


ATTENTION BOZEMAN:  BEER IS ON THE WAY!  Our new friends at Cardinal Distributing had their first ever pick up last Thursday and will soon be rolling  kegs of FLBC beer into your favorite local bars.  Sweet relief, the wait is over..


photo (6)

Drive safe!

Perhaps most exciting of all is the arrival of our new 30-bbl brewhouse.  The tanks and platform showed up last week and through a series of  acrobatic aerial maneuvers were hoisted into the building.  We then quickly unwrapped them and basked in their American-made glory..


Behold! (Photo Credit: Kevin Porto)


The guys from W. M. Sprinkman Corp came into town yesterday and have been fine tuning the exact position of each component and reassembling the piping and circuitry. Got to hand it to these guys, this system is something else.. We can’t wait to make beer with it!





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