bigfork brewery

about the brewery

We currently brew our most popular brands at our new brewery in Bigfork, five miles north of our Woods Bay location. People liked our beer so much we just couldn’t keep up with demand – not a bad problem to have. The new brewery started production in the Spring of 2014. We have a 30bbl brewhouse (31 gallons to a barrel) and eight 60bbl fermentation vessels. As of April 2016 we have added one 60bbl bright beer tank and one 120bbl bright beer tank, which has increased our potential annual capacity to 5500bbls a year. Our brewhouse equipment is manufactured by the W.M. Sprinkman Corporation in Wisconsin. This is our main production facility that also includes our Wild Goose canning line and 50 oak wine casks for our North Shore Project.


Closed to the public. Call for information (406) 837-0085.

woods bay brewery

about the brewery (Barrel House)

Our Woods Bay brewery is a small space but we use every inch. We produce upwards of 20 different beers, and more are in the works. The brewhouse is a 10bbls system with four 20bbls fermenters, and one 20bbl bright beer tank. We utilize this small brewhouse as our small batch brewing that includes Imperial IPA, Painted Rock Porter, Swimmer’s Itch Saison, and many more. Our sour beer program is also developed and aged in the Woods Bay facility.

about the taproom

A bar is a bar, a taproom is home. There’s something about walking into a small, cozy place after a long hard day on the job or playing, pulling up a stool and ordering your favorite local brew. Woods Bay is an intimate community, and our original taproom fits in perfectly. It’s a small space with a big view. It’s nautically themed, with a large deck perfect for live music on sunny Sunday afternoons in the summer. If you visit us here more than once there’s a very good chance you’ll see more than one familiar face. Our taproom offers the perfect place to enjoy our craft brews. So come visit us, sit down, enjoy a beer and maybe even chat with our brewers and staff.


Open weekdays 3pm – 8pm and weekends 12pm – 8pm

meet our brew crew

Profile: David BrendgardDavid Brendgard: Director of Brewery Operations

Hometown:  I consider my home town Bend, Oregon, I was born in Rapid City, South Dakota and my family dates back four generations in Havre, Montana.

What do you do at the brewery? Director of Brewery Operations and Master Brewer, although we all work as a team and we wear a lot of hats around the brewery. Everyone chips in to get the work done.

What is your favorite style of beer? Sour beer is by far my favorite style of beer, I have been working strongly with sour beers for over ten years and have seen a huge increase in interest in this old world style of brewing. I enjoy anything aged in Oak Casks, the wood really adds unique characters to the beer. Sometimes you may find me holding a can of King Cobra after a long day of climbing, I try not to be too picky.

What brought you to Bigfork? Flathead Lake Brewing Co. brought me to Bigfork, after an 18 year brewing career in Bend, I felt that FLBC would provide creative opportunity to work with a small, up and coming brewery. My family lives in Bigfork and it is really great to be closer to them. Glacier National Park and the surrounding wilderness was another big draw to move out here.


James Woody: Brewer

Hometown: Fairmount, Georgia

What do you do at the brewery? Brew, cellar, some packaging, and clean.

What is your favorite style of beer? Anything with interesting yeast and bacteria.

What brought you to Bigfork? Outdoor recreation.


Rob Robinson: Director of Planning

Hometown: Born in Coronado, California. First job in Missoula, Montana. Lives in Polson.

What do you do at the brewery? Production Planning, Forecasting and Sales Analysis, Promotion Management, HR

What is your favorite style of beer? The Centennial IPA

What brought you to Bigfork? Retired on Flathead Lake and I get to drink all the FLBC beer I want!




Profile: David BrendgardSandy Johnston: Director of Branding

Hometown: Hinsdale, Illinois

What do you do at the brewery? Director of Branding

What is your favorite style of beer? Hard one – Browns, Porters, or Stouts (the darker the better)

What brought you to Bigfork? I took a trip out here; and it was love at first sight. I was living in Florida after college and thought it’s now or never to go for it and try mountain living for awhile. That was 15 years ago!



Profile: David BrendgardSarah Peterson: Marketing Manager

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

What do you do at the brewery? I plan and promote events at our taproom and pubhouse and also attend a lot of brewfests.

What is your favorite style of beer? Hoppy beers, like Pale Ales and IPAs, are always my go to choice, but I also enjoy challenging the palate with crazy styles like Farmhouse ales and Sours.

What brought you to Bigfork? My family has a cherry orchard on the east shore of Flathead Lake. Growing up, I fell in love with Montana and always wanted to live here full time. After coming up one spring to work on the orchard, I applied for a job serving beer in the Woods Bay taproom. That summer job never ended and now Montana is my permanent home!


Profile: David BrendgardTyler Eisenzimer: Sales Manager

Hometown: Grew up in the farming community of Conrad, Montana and now reside in the Missoula community.

What do you do at the brewery? Sales Manager

What is your favorite style of beer? Favorite beers would be IPAs and Sours.

What brought you to Bigfork? I was attending an event at the Flathead Lake Brewing Company of Missoula and found out that FLBC was looking to hire. After having some beers and food and getting to know the FLBC crew, it seemed like a good fit. Plus, I really enjoy their beer!



Profile: David BrendgardKevin Porto: Warehouse Manager / Sales

Hometown: Mt. Prospect, Illinois

What do you do at the brewery? Warehouse Supervisor – As Warehouse Supervisor I oversee all wholesale orders from our distributors and manage inventory.

What is your favorite style of beer? I’m a fan of beer. Period. In the summer I like Pales. In the colder months I like Stouts. I’m always down for a well balanced IPA.

What brought you to Bigfork? Photography, I moved from Chicago to Big Sky and eventually decided to settle in the Flathead Valley to be close to my favorite place in the world, Glacier National Park. As a fan of craft beer and a home brewer, I soon discovered FLBC in Woods Bay and fell in love with their beer.



Profile: JohannJohann Niesner: Packaging Manager / Facilities Supervisor

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

What do you do at the brewery? I manage packaging operations including running the canning line. I also keep all the brewery systems running and maintained.

What is your favorite style of beer? Russian Imperial Stout

What brought you to Bigfork? After 30 years of service, I left Anheuser Busch in LA and moved to the Flathead valley for the fishing, hunting, and all the great outdoor activities available here. I worked for another local brewery for several years and eventually ended up here with the FLBC team.



Profile: JonJon Hartig: Warehouse / Packaging Manager

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

What do you do at the brewery? Warehouse / Packaging

What is your favorite style of beer? Stout

What brought you to Bigfork? Beautiful scenery. Quiet, family-friendly way of life. An opportunity to raise a family in one of the most beautiful places in the US.




Profile: David BrendgardKali Tholen: Front of House Manager

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

What do you do at the brewery? Front of House Manager at the Bigfork Pubhouse.

What is your favorite style of beer? Pale Ales and of course the Dirty Ginger.

What brought you to Bigfork? Beer and recreation.