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The guys from Sprinkman on the brew deck.

Well folks, we have finally made it. The Flathead Lake Brewing Co. is brewing in Bigfork! The team from W. M. Sprinkman Corporation, the manufactures of our state of the art brewhouse, flew in from Wisconsin to fine tune the system and be there to troubleshoot during our first test brew day. On October 23rd, the production team set to work and started putting barley through the system. They pulled an all nighter but left elated and excited to have finally been able play on their new toys. Here is a video of an entire brew day, condensed to about a 1 minute and a half. If they could only work that fast all of the time!

Now that we have the first “brew day” under our belts, the production team is now working hard on flavor matching and ironing out some start up kinks in the system. It is of the utmost importance to maintain the same quality and taste of our beer styles. We are increasing from a 10 barrel brewing system in Woods Bay to the Bigfork brewery, which is a 30 barrel system. We have eight fermenters in place, each capable of holding 60 barrels of our liquid treasure, AKA Montana beer!


Timmy on the forklift!

With a higher production capacity, this also means we are producing more spent grain and that is already making our local farmers happy. With an upgraded brew house comes upgraded equipment. Here is our brewmaster, Timmy, helping out with our first grain pick up. You can see one of the farmers, standing back and probably thinking that this beats the heck out of shoveling grain into their truck bed.

So, what’s coming down the line for Flathead Lake Brewing Co. in Bigfork? Well, we will continue to flavor match and when we are satisfied with the end product, we will get that beer out on the market as soon as possible! We are also developing a special recipe for the opening of the Pub House, but all of our thirsty FLBC fans will have to wait and see what it is…


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