Charitable Giving

We at FLBC  realized a while ago that we can give more by focusing on twelve charities a year through a monthly Tuesday Toasts program. Most of these nonprofits that we donate to are selected by us, however, we encourage organizations that feel they fit with the Flathead Lake Brewing Company brand and voice and meet our criteria to fill out a request form.

The Flathead Lake Brewing Company sets aside only a certain amount of kegs per year for donations. In order to be considered (as they go fast) try to contact the brewery prior to the next year to get on the list. Please contact to inquire about a keg donation.

If your organization is seeking another type of donation other than a keg donation, please refer to the requirements included here. If you meet these criteria, email to request a Donation Application.

Pubhouse Donation Request Requirements:
1. All requested funds must be spent on projects benefiting the Flathead Valley or Missoula Community
2. You must submit proof of not-for-profit status
3. We cap the limit on donations to fundraising auctions or similar events to $25.00.
4. The focus of your request must be one or more of the following (requests outside of these focus areas will not be considered):

The Arts

Building a stronger and more connected community

Land preservation



Environmental integrity and the enjoyment of the outdoors

Locally grown food

Reducing our dependency on fossil fuels

Please note that we believe faith and religion are personal rather than business focuses.

We are supportive of our youth and their futures, but we believe that the promotion of alcohol in conjunction with certain children’s events and organizations sends the wrong message.