Pubhouse is Temporarily Closed

On Wednesday night a main fire suppression pipe in the kitchen blew. 400 gallons a minute poured out over the course of several minutes, which completely flooded the upstairs and down into the Cellar. The damage is the Cellar is less than the main floor, so we plan to focus our efforts down there. We hope that we will be able to clean up and dry out the Cellar so that we can open up down there sooner while we work on renovating the main kitchen. To not only get our doors open, but to keep our staff employed (especially during this holiday season), but please be patient with us while we sort everything out.

We’re all in shock right now and trying to figure out a game plan, but we’re so thankful that no one was in the building when this happened. We won’t know too much until restoration crews get in and have time to look everything over. The brewery portion of the building was not affected, so some silver lining is we will still be able to produce cans and kegs of our amazing craft beer.

We’ll keep everyone informed as we learn more, but in the meantime, we sadly will have to be closed for an indeterminate length of time.